Dark River: A Brief History

Lucifer 2014


I had been on the Internet since the beginnings of the World Wide Web in the early 90's. My recording studio, web design studio, and my centre of global communications was originally simply a spare room in my home.

I also had an industrial unit at the Trident centre in Tooting, SE London. The Trident was a wonderful place. In addition to my own studio there were also two other recording studios there, one owned by the music producer Trevor Davies and the other owned by Junior Delgado.

For about a couple of years prior to opening Dark River, I tended to spend a great deal of time, almost every day at Junior's studio. We were both lifelong cannabis users and there was always a great vibe around his studio. We became very good friends and remained so over the years until his death in 2005.

In the late 90's computing speeds made it impractical to edit video unless one had rather expensive equipment, and Soho editing suites would charge up to £500 a day to use their equipment, so I decided to open a video editing studio next to Junior's. I was not his competition in any way, however; my studio was rather more of an extension of his studio, and we worked together on numerous projects.

Apart from Junior and myself, the other major participant was Radoslav, who was my close friend and of course there were numerous friends who used the studio as a a general "hang-out," lair, bar, night club and recording studio. This was all fine by me, as I wanted the studio to be partly a social centre, and I anyway had another business which paid for the studio for the first couple of years.

So with our full time crew of three, including Robin, a film production graduate whom I hired, and a part time crew of dozens of volunteers and friends, we began several years of getting extremely stoned and working on various video and music projects.


And then of course there was the music and video producer Kevin White, who was Junior's business partner, and who remains a good friend today and who worked with us on several projects and was in and out of the studio on a daily basis.


Ultimately the studio was more of a social centre and a “party” place and consequently this and my own rather excessive drugs habit meant that the studio was never profitable and I eventually had to close the studio in 2002, and I moved on to other financial and media projects. This continues up until the present and this is essentially now the Thelema Abbey project.



Today in 2014 all that remains of Dark River is essentially myself, a few old friends and about a 100 hours of film which I am still slowly working on, in between various other projects, a social life, and incessant debating on the Internet.

In 2014 the Thelema Abbey project began on a 43 acre forested site of great natural beauty and in an a secret location in the United Kingdom. In common with the Thelema Abbey virtual world project, this is not a commerical project, however similarly it will have to have some commercial aspects to maintain it. Details will announced on www.lashtal.com/forum, www.fetlife.com, and various other esoteric, BDSM and GLBT subculture sites.

The revolution has only just begun.

"I demand nothing less than a new heaven and a new earth"


Lucifer 2014